The Pillow Bar

Deluxe European down-filled duvet inserts by The Pillow Bar are lavish without being so overstuffed that they are cumbersome or unpleasing to your bedroom decor. The 400-thread count sateen covers are crisp white with a 1" gusset that makes for a perfect year-round duvet. Add custom embroidery to make it truly personal.


Hästens pillows and duvets are made from the very best pure goose down, with its own built-in ventilation system that lets it breathe. Let your body experience our pure, premium quality and natural materials. Our entire down collection is Traumpass-certified to make sure we offer only the highest quality, traceable European down, and feathers, obtained without cruelty to birds.



Sleep & Dream is proud to carry only the best selection of down filled duvets to suit your needs from elite brands such as The Pillow Bar and Hästens.

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