Hastens – Excel

Every idea needs somewhere to grow. Every thought needs a place of nourishment. Every person needs a safe space on Earth to gather the strength and inspiration for the next adventure. That is why we created Hästens Excel. Your own personal charging station.

Modern Refinement for Ultimate Luxury

Hästens Excel is available in standard sizes shown in the table above or can be custom-made to your bespoke length and width, to a maximum size 225×225 cm.

Custom-made beds between 90 cm and 210 cm in width are priced according to the next standard size up, plus a 20% supplement. 80 cm width is available at the same price as 90 cm, without a supplement. Choose between four different levels of firmness: soft, medium, firm and extra firm. Beds 180 cm wide or wider can have a different firmness level on either side. Please note, opting for a soft half on a 180 cm wide bed can give the impression of narrowness on that side.

Choose between different fabrics from categories A, B and C. Blue Check and Silver Beige Check are always available at no extra cost, other fabrics carry a supplementary charge.

You can also personalize your Hästens bed with a choice of legs in premium materials, finishes and designs.

Hastens Excel Mattress
Hastens Excel mattress displayed in layers

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