No other mattress store in Santa Fe or New Mexico can match our selection and quality

The most important aspect of a good night's sleep is right underneath you...

Mattress Store Santa Fe NM

Sure we sell mattresses, but here at Sleep & Dream Luxury Mattress Store in Santa Fe, NM, we're driven by a passion for sleep and the benefits it brings to body and soul. It’s sleep that makes the difference to life, a natural process that cannot be replicated, bought over a counter or swallowed in a pill. You cannot cheat your way to perfect sleep but there are things that you can do to understand why it’s important and ensure you give yourself the best chance of a great night’s sleep. One of the critical components to a good night's sleep is a great mattress. For great sleep it's the mattress that gets sleep started in the right direction and it helps keep it that way throughout the night. Sleep and Dream Luxury Mattress Store carries 6 of the very best mattress brands in the world, making it a strong possibility that the right mattress for a great nights sleep is available.

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“Excellent service”

Anou Mirkine

“They delivered my mattress yesterday. I love it so much that I can’t wait to go to bed tonight! Great people and great mattress. Highly recommended.”

Carey Dodson

“Beautiful high-end mattress store with a great selection and very knowledgeable staff! Highly recommend you stop in to see their product lines!”

Marcus Smith


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In the heart of Santa Fe

Sleep & Dream is located in the Coronado Shopping Center at the southeast corner of St. Francis and West Cordova. It's just a couple of miles from the I-25 exit. We're on the south-east side (the Trader Joe's side) about halfway down the building. There's plenty of parking!