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Our handmade mattresses and divans are synonymous with luxurious comfort and untroubled sleep. Inventor of the pocket spring in 1901, Vispring has unique expertise in the art of combining skilled craftsmanship and natural materials to create the perfect bed.

Everyone loves having a good night’s sleep. In fact, we spend about 30 years of our life sleeping, which equates to about a third of our lifetime. Therefore, there’s no better way to enjoy a third of your lifetime than on a high-quality, luxurious mattress. This helps you sleep better and improves your well-being. 

Are you looking for the perfect luxury mattress in Santa Fe, New Mexico, or anywhere across New Mexico? At Sleep & Dream Luxury Bed Store, we carry the best mattress brands worldwide, including Vispring Mattresses. Here’s more about Vispring Mattresses, including what makes them unique, their benefits, and the various models we have in our showroom. 


What Makes Vispring Mattresses Unique?

There are lots of factors that make Vispring Mattress stand out from other luxury mattress brands. This goes from the materials used in their making, how they’re crafted, and their unique features. Let’s have a closer look at these aspects:

Materials Used 

Vispring mattresses use various high-quality natural materials, including the following:

  • Vanadium steel springs: Vanadium steel is a high-strength and durable material that can withstand high stress. Vispring mattresses use individually pocketed vanadium steel springs, allowing them to move independently to support each body part. 
  • Pure wool: Vispring mattresses use high-quality pure wool sourced from Australia and the Shetland Islands and Devonshire, England. Wool from these locations is known for its breathability, softness, and ability to wick away moisture, guaranteeing maximum comfort and support to the sleeper.
  • Horsetail hair: Vispring Mattresses use horsehair from Austria and South America. Horsetail hair from these locations is the magic ingredient keeping a Vispring mattress in great shape, even after many decades of use. Known for being bold, strong, and bouncy, it helps facilitate air circulating around you and also feels like a million little springs offering both comfort and support. It’s no wonder that horsetail hair is the longest-known natural fiber used for centuries in furniture and bed making.
  • Silk: Vispring mattresses use silk sourced from China, originally reserved exclusively for the Emperor’s use. Vispring uses Tussah and Mulberry silk, which are odorless and hypoallergenic. This type of silk is famous for its smoothness, softness, and ability to regulate body temperature, which ensures its comfort and luxury. Silk will always be synonymous with an air of opulence!
  • Cashmere: Cashmere is one of the world’s most exclusive, desirable and expensive fibers. Cashmere feels sumptuously soft and luxurious, giving several Vispring mattresses a distinctive comfort. The cashmere supplier to Vispring is a member of the Sustainable Fibre Alliance (SFA) which promotes sustainability and animal welfare within the cashmere industry.
  • Cotton: An all-rounder in the textile world, cotton was farmed even in prehistoric times. It originated in India around 6000 BC. At Vispring, the cotton is harvested from Turkey. The long cotton fiber is super strong but exceptionally soft with an unparalleled sheen. Cotton is a naturally hygienic product with breathable qualities that help keep you cool, resulting in a more comfortable sleeping environment.

Vispring Mattresses Making Process and Unique Features 

Vispring mattresses are hand-crafted. Therefore, everything about them is built to perfection, creating a unique blend between the natural materials and their craftsmanship. Some of the unique processes used in its manufacture include the following: 

  • Hand-crafted calico pocket spring construction 
  • Two-layered spring system 
  • Quality ticking 
  • Hand-crafted and tied twine and woolen tufts 
  • High padding with layers of the natural materials described above

Benefits of Choosing Vispring Mattresses 

Vispring mattresses offer several benefits you couldn’t get from any other mattress you know about. Here are some of the benefits you can get from them: 

Improves Sleep Quality 

Vispring mattress’s superior comfort and support improve sleep by reducing tossing and turning, prompting a deeper and restful sleep. 


Considering that Vispring mattresses are made out of natural materials, they are naturally hypoallergenic. Its manufacturing doesn’t involve harsh toxins or chemicals, making it safe for allergic users. 

Built to Last 

Vispring mattresses can last up to 30 years with proper care. This comes from the quality of the material used and the precision associated with hand-crafted construction.


If you’re into sustainability, Vispring mattresses offer the perfect mattress option for reducing your carbon footprint because they are made of natural materials. 

Variety of Choices 

Vispring beds come in several Luxury Collections that offer different levels of luxury to match the client’s budget. These collections are: 

  • The Luxe Collection
    • Masterpiece Superb
    • Signatory Superb
    • Sublime Superb
    • Tiara Superb
  • The Classic Collection
    • Regal Superb
  • The Original Collection
    • Coronet
    • Devonshire
    • Elite

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