Per our chat this afternoon, this note is to reiterate how pleased we are to have purchased the queen size adjustable bed frame from Sleep and Dream last year.  It was a good price on a very sturdy and dependable blue tooth type wireless mechanism that works with a simple remote.  It really does the job.  Last week I had a hip replaced and for the first time, I am using my adjustable bed frame every day, all day long.  It gives me total control just like a hospital bed and it will definitely aid in my recovery process.

So, thanks so much for carrying such an excellent product.  I am pleased that you all are managing to stay afloat through these most challenging of times.  The best to you and yours.

Barak W.

My wife and I looked at a few mattress stores in town. This place is light years better than all of them – cleaner, more professional and a focus on quality, not quantity. Their offerings are very nice and the service is great. (The bed in a box stuff was never an option because we wanted to try something before we bought it. Plus I’ve had bad experiences with foam mattresses packing out. ) I was surprised to find a mattress that is made in the USA at a better price than comparable big-box brands, a 10-year warranty and all from a store that is locally owned.

Adam V.

My husband and I went in to find a way to improve our sleeping. We felt very welcomed and we were able to sample many different beds, mattresses, pillows, and toppers. We settled on a merino wool pillow that worked fantastic for us! We will definitely be coming back for more.

Lyra G.

“Excellent service”

Anou M.

“They delivered my mattress yesterday. I love it so much that I can’t wait to go to bed tonight! Great people and great mattress. Highly recommended.”

Carey D.

“Beautiful high-end mattress store with a great selection and very knowledgeable staff! Highly recommend you stop in to see their product lines!”

Marcus S.

“Finally a luxury mattress store in Santa Fe that offers nothing but the most outstanding products, sold by a staff that is knowledgeable, courteous and completely involved in making sure that your sleep issues are fully taken care of.”

Lisa A.