Glideaway Adjustable Beds

Comfort Base Collection

A comfort base is an adjustable bed and the newest technology in bedding and a lifestyle choice.

Specifically, it is a motorized adjustable bed base that allows you to put your mattress in different positions. This is both a convenience and a health benefit. It allows you to prop the head up a bit to watch TV or read, elevate your legs for comfort, or sleep in the Zero Gravity position to reap numerous health benefits. The options are endless and can be customized for each individual’s preference.

Iron Horse Bed Frames

Named after the trains that once traveled the steel rails it is made from, the Glideaway Iron Horse bed frame has 25% more re-rolled rail steel than other bed frames and is known for its strength and endurance. Available with either a special spin glide or 2 1/2″ steel rug roller. Made in the USA. Limited Lifetime Warranty.



Relax with multiple massage functions and intensity levels. Endless positions available allow you to be comfortable while you read, watch TV, or surf the Internet.

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