The Pillow Bar – Back Sleeper

Designed With The Guidance Of Chiropractors And Neurosurgeons Just To Provide Luxury And Support For The Back Sleeper. The Best Way To Sleep, Many Back Sleepers Long For Neck And Shoulder Support Yet Luxurious Comfort And These Pillows Offer Just That!

Back Sleeper Down Filled Pillows

  • Designed With The Guidance Of Chiropractors And Neurosurgeons just to fit the needs of the back sleeper.
  • Our handmade Back Sleeper Pillows are made with less fill than the side sleeper but more fill than the front sleeper. Designed to keep your head in line with your spine and not tilted forward with too much loft/fill or titled back with too little fill--either of which can result In sore neck and shoulders. We don't want that! Perfect alignment and luxury --who could want for more?
  • A medium fill pillow is a must for a Back Sleeper. Each pillow is made to your specific height and corresponding shoulder size and age to make it the ultimate in sleep comfort and luxury.
  • Each pillow comes with a zippered washable protector, aromatic lavender sachet proven to aid in peaceful sleep and of course your custom monogram or embroidered message to make sure no one else sleeps on your perfect back sleeper!
  • Standard size measures 20" x 26"
  • Queen Size measures 20" x 30"
  • King Size measures 20" x 36"

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