Mantua – Rize Aviada

The Mantua Rize movable base collection offers one of the largest ranges of elevation in the industry. With over two decades of manufacturing experience, the makers of the Mantua Rize adjustable foundations know how to deliver quality at 20% – 30% the price of leading competitors. Mantua Rize is the recipient of numerous Pinnacle Customer Service Awards, so customers not only get a great product but top-of-the-line service as well.

Key Features:

The Rize Aviada is the ultimate sleep experience. Modular sections offer full customization of your position, letting you set and save your favorites in the remote or voice-powered app. And it's good for more than just sleep. The Aviada's flexible construction means you can get into ergonomic positions to stretch and realign your body, then relax with three massage motors. See just how good your bed can be!

  • Inversion Position
  • Lounge Feature
  • Dual USB Outlets
  • Motion LED Night-Light
  • Anti-Snore Position
  • Zero Gravity Position
  • Incline Position
  • Custom Remote and Voice-Powered App
  • Three Massage Motors
  • Improved Lift Capacity
  • One-Touch Flat Button
  • Deck-on-Deck Design
  • Fits Inside Most Existing Headboard/Footboard/Rail Systems
  • Stainless Steel Lounge Legs
  • Premium Fabric
  • Hidden Component Design
  • Continuous Motion Mode
  • Gravity Release
  • Battery Backup
  • Massage Auto Shut-Off
  • Energy Efficiency Rated

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