Shifman – PowerMotion and PowerMotion Plus

The new and improved Shifman PowerMotion® and PowerMotion Plus® adjustable bases are designed to offer dealers superior adjustable bed base options. Shifman crafts the finest hand-made, luxury mattresses in the world, so why wouldn’t we ensure that the product is supported by best-in-class premium bases?


The Contour is beautiful, aesthetically designed to highlight the separating panels in a minimal but thoughtful fashion. Available with our standard array of features, this base will help you to realize the full potential of an adjustable base while adding a brand new aesthetic to your bedroom.

PowerMotion* Features

  • Made in the USA
  • Shifman Branded
  • Furniture Style Base
  • 850 lb Weight Capacity
  • Back-lit Wireless Remote with Flashlight
  • One-Touch Flat Button
  • Anti-Snore Feature
  • Customizable Legs (6” to 10” in Height)
  • Wallhugger Engineering
  • Head and Foot Articulation
  • Zero Gravity Button PLUS 1 Memory Position
  • Full-Body Dual Massage with Wave
  • Under-Bed Lighting
  • Emergency Power-Down
  • Metal Retainer Bar

PowerMotion Plus*
Has all of the features of the PowerMotion*, plus the following:

  • Head, Foot AND Independent Pillow Tilt
  • App Control Download for Apple and Android Devices
    • App includes sleep timer, gentle-wake alarm, extra programmable positions, and more!
  • Zero Gravity Button PLUS 4 Memory Positions
  • Dual USB Ports Located on Each Side

*MicroHook ™ Retention System Not Recommended with Two-Sided Mattresses – Do Not Remove Protective Strips – Use Metal Retainer Bar

Shifman Adjustable Mattress Base - Denali American Heritage

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