Hand holding a painted post card saying simplicityA good night’s sleep has been proven very beneficial to one’s health, which is why it is so important to choose a bed that will provide you with the right comfort and support, so you will experience a night of more restful sleep.

Purchasing a new bed is a major decision, and there are many things to consider before making your purchase. Besides the comfort factor, size comes in to play. Especially, if the room is rather tight to begin with. There is also the room’s décor to consider as you want your new bed to become a statement piece as a part of your bedroom’s design scheme.

With many factors to consider, divan beds are a perfect choice. Divan beds have been around for many centuries, but are gaining in popularity with many designs, pattern and color choices consumers can select to create the perfect bed.

Divan Beds for the Win!

Divan is of Turkish origin and the divan definition is a couch-like piece of furniture that you can sit on. In the Middle East region, the divan definition consisted of long seats or benches with cushions or a mattress leaned up against the wall that sat on top of a frame, like a couch without legs.

Today, most divans consist of a padded mattress base with the mattress attached and a headboard. With a divan bed, you can truly personalize your bed with many fabrics and accessories to choose from. You can go with an upholstered, more traditional headboard. With a divan style bed, you have an array of options available to create that perfect statement piece for your home.

While most divan frames come with a matching mattress, you can purchase a frame only and chose a mattress best suited for your comfort. There are many types of mattresses to choose from such as an orthopedic mattress, which adds extra support, a memory foam mattress that alleviates pressure points as well as a standard spring mattress that offers the best edge to edge support.

In addition, there are several advantages to choosing a divan bed. For instance, you can choose a base with built-in storage drawers that provide extra storage for items like clothes or shoes. You can also go with an ottoman base, which will give you additional space for storing bulkier items such as blankets, sheets or pillows.

Tight Living Space? Divan Beds Are Perfect

Another advantage is the space-saving feature of a divan bed since the mattress is made to the same size as the base, which is particularly useful in smaller rooms. You can even add casters to the frame for easier portability.

Compared to many standard frame and mattress options, divan beds are a great choice that offers a wide variety of options, which makes them a much better value for the money!

Divan beds are great, but have you ever wondered how do you know if you’re getting a good nights sleep? Glad you asked! We tell all here.