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Do you dream of owning a genuine Hästens bed? Here you have it. The entire Hästens vision of a more awake world, lovingly condensed into one bed. And maybe, once you experience just how Marquis affects the quality of your days, it can serve as a gateway to our even more indulgent models.

Modern Refinement for Ultimate Luxury

Hästens Marquis is available in standard sizes shown in the table above or can be custom-made to your bespoke length and width, to a maximum size 225×225 cm.

Custom-made beds between 90 cm and 210 cm in width are priced according to the next standard size up, plus a 20% supplement. 80 cm width is available at the same price as 90 cm, without a supplement.

Choose between four different levels of firmness: soft, medium, firm and extra firm. Beds 180 cm wide or wider can have a different firmness level on either side. Please note, opting for a soft half on a 180 cm wide bed can give the impression of narrowness on that side.

Choose between different fabrics from categories A, B and C. Blue Check and Silver Beige Check are always available at no extra cost, other fabrics carry a supplementary charge.

You can also personalize your Hästens bed with a choice of legs in premium materials, finishes and designs.

Hhastens Marquis Mattress
Hhastens Marquis Mattress Layer

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