You spend just about one-third of your life sleeping. Even if you are diligent with following healthy sleep behaviors, it’s common to have a miserable night of sleep once in a while. It can be frustrating and also a cause for concern if you can’t get the shut-eye that you need. Poor sleep can affect your physical and mental health if it is not addressed. There are tips you can follow if you have trouble falling asleep to get the most out of this overlooked issue.

Avoid Stimulants

The nighttime cup of joe can be the reason your struggling to fall asleep. Coffee can be hard to avoid if you are a big fan of the beverage. Pumpkin spice lattes, Starbucks, and your Ninja Coffee Bar can make it difficult to skip that cup of goodness, but they can also be a considerable hindrance to you getting enough rest. Caffeine can remain in your system for hours and cause frequent trips to the bathroom. Do you binge on Netflix and sip on wine before bed? You may want to skip that glass of Pinot Grigio because it is causing a non-restful night’s sleep. Also, be careful of any medications that affect your sleep. You can consult with your doctor on how to take them without interfering with your sleep.

Get Exercise

Exercise is the perfect natural remedy for insomnia. After a vigorous workout, your body temperature will start to fall, and sleep will occur more naturally. Exercise also releases the “feel good” endorphins in the brain. It’s ideal for exercising a few hours before bed to give your mind time to wind down. Exercise will tire your body, improving your quality and duration of sleep. Do you ever hear people that run in marathons or compete in CrossFit complaining of a miserable night of sleep? Exercise will create the balance that you need to fall asleep like a baby.

Buy a Quality Mattress

A poor mattress could be the culprit of your trouble falling asleep. Most people will attribute the cost of a new bed for their lack of interest in getting a new one, but the mattress that you inherited from grandma’s house can also affect more than sleep. There are tell-tale signs that your mattress is the root cause of your inability to sleep. Poor quality mattresses can cause severe back pain, allergies from the bed bugs, and make you fat. Lack of sleep can cause you to binge-eat and snacking at night, which is the worst time to eat. Quality sleep is indeed a science, and it’s worth the investment to find a mattress that suits your needs. If cost is a concern, many furniture stores will offer interest-free financing to make getting your dream mattress affordable.

Create a Comfortable Environment

Your sleeping quarters has a significant influence on your ability to sleep well. Factors such as temperature, light, and noise must be regulated to get a good night of beauty rest. A good tip is to make your bedroom as dark as possible. You can cover your windows with black sheets, and make sure all of your electronics are turned off. Your pets and children should sleep in beds of their own, and it’s not a bad idea to consider sleeping separately from your partner. Many married couples and partners who live together snooze separately for maximum comfort. You’ll have to find the ideal sleeping temperature to stay asleep all night. You may prefer the breeze of the outside air or install a ceiling fan for constant airflow.

Reduce Stress Levels

The demands of life can have a toll on your sleep pattern. Your mind and body need to be at ease for quality sleep to occur. Some relaxation tips include deep breathing, meditation, taking a hot shower or bath, and visualizing. It’s worthwhile to create a sleep routine so that your body knows when to “shut off.” Ideas include listening to calm music, stretching, or reading a book or magazine. Your body will associate these behaviors with sleep, and a habit will form. Another idea is to try counting. It’s useful because your energy and focus will be on one thing to settle down your brain.

Seek Professional Help

If your exhausted (no pun intended) from trying every method to sleep better, it may be time to see a sleep specialist. The doctor can eliminate any possible sleep disorders and provide some intervention. One popular way is cognitive-behavioral therapy(CBT) that focuses on goal-oriented and practical approaches to solving problems. This approach can help increase your positive thoughts that can last a lifetime, and it is a better alternative to addictive drugs.

Change Eating Habits

It’s probably no surprise that steak dinner with all the sides before bedtime can impact your sleep. It takes about two to three hours to digest a meal. Eating a large meal and lying down causes discomfort and slower digestion. If your other priorities demand that you eat late, opt for a lighter meal that is lower in carbohydrates. Drink water to stay hydrated, but make sure to use the bathroom before the lights go off.

Find your Ideal Sleep Position

People vary in how they position themselves for sleep. Experiment with the leading positions of the back, stomach, and side to see how your body reacts. Some people also sleep with a pillow between their legs to provide your support to their spine.

Try Natural Sleep Supplements

There are many over the counter supplements that you can use if you have trouble falling asleep. Magnesium can help activate your brain’s neurotransmitters that are responsible for sleep. Valerian root is a natural treatment for anxiety and depression and effective sleep aid. Lavender is also an excellent choice because of its soothing fragrance. It’s best to combine the supplements with other positive sleep habits for the best results.

Keep a Diary

A diary can help you identify why you have trouble falling asleep. You can include what time you went to bed, how many hours you slept, and the types of foods that you ate. The diary will reveal any behavior trends that are causing a lack of sleep.

A quality night of rest is deserved after a long day. Do not panic if you are struggling to fall asleep. Try some different tips, and do not be afraid to seek help.