Cannabeds – Hemp Bedding


The Perfect Combination...

Get a good night’s sleep, naturally, with the Cannabeds mattress; the only mattress that incorporates Hemp into its design to provide the ultimate in sleeping comfort. Known as the miracle fiber, Hemp naturally regulates temperature, is up to three times stronger and softer than cotton, and is resistant to dust mites, bed bugs, humidity, and mold. Hemp is also a hypoallergenic fiber and has natural anti-bacterial properties to reduce and fight bacteria, is gentler on your skin and gets softer with age and use. Even better, Cannabeds mattresses come with a full 10-year, non-prorated manufacturer’s warranty.



Cannabed mattresses combine the natural comfort of hemp with gel memory foam and a high-density foam core, for a uniquely refreshing and eco-friendly experience.

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Chipped pieces of gel memory foam allow you to conform your Cannabeds pillow into your ideal shape, while the removable Hemp cover will keep you cool and comfortable all night long.

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